Revenue Growth

Vencha's revenue growth service is the culmination of over 100 years of combined experience working in fast-scaling B2B start-ups. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to significantly stack the odds in your favour in delivering venture scale growth.

We’ll get under the bonnet of both your investor and market-facing proposition, assess your financial model and fully understand your Go to Market strategies. And we’ll get you to obsess about customer pain and get uncomfortably narrow – two critical steps of the journey.

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Pricing & Packages

Full Service

From £7,000 / month (Min. 3 months)

  • Strategic Review
  • Pain Statement Creation
  • Refinement of Value Proposition
  • Narrowing to Perfect Customer Profile & Personas
  • Testing of Thesis & Solution with customers & prospects
  • Pricing
  • Go to Market Plan & Playbook
  • Update of Financial Model

Mentored Service

£3,000 / month

  • Over a 5 month period, Vencha will mentor the Founders through our methodology to achieve their mutually agreed business outcomes
  • Coaching on the optimal ways to structure workshops, the required materials and testing approach
  • 2 calls per week to ensure the project remains on track
  • Follows the same track and covers the same areas as our Full Service

"Vencha have got to know every aspect of my business and re-ordered our thinking to give us the best chance of success with both raising money and delivering our first Triple. Simply stated they’ve made the game changing difference."

Paul Puttman, CEO, Talkout

Why Vencha?

From our unique, persona-centric approach, to our commitment to drilling down to the root cause of your growth challenges, we’re not just consultants. We’re your partners in recalibrating growth.

Reinforce your senior team with Vencha, where your growth aspirations transform into tangible results.

Unlock your potential. Realign strategies. Refocus energies. Reignite unmatched growth. Choose Vencha.

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