Founder Mentoring

£2,500 / month

Coming alongside the Founder(s) to provide support in achieving your Vision. This is not a non-exec role as our goal is to be for the Founder not the Board. Creating as safe space for you to brainstorm your wildest ideas, run simulations of your strategy, manage your Board and Investors, supporting in key hiring and firing, such that you can execute with confidence. We’ve walked in your shoes and know how lonely it can be at times.

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"The Vencha team provide me with an environment where I can spit ball ideas, war game out different strategies and have my thinking challenged – it’s invaluable."

Barb Hyman, CEO, Sapia.Ai

Why Vencha?

From our unique, persona-centric approach, to our commitment to drilling down to the root cause of your growth challenges, we’re not just consultants. We’re your partners in recalibrating growth.

Reinforce your senior team with Vencha, where your growth aspirations transform into tangible results.

Unlock your potential. Realign strategies. Refocus energies. Reignite unmatched growth. Choose Vencha.

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