Investor Readiness

Vencha has deep connections with a huge list of Angels, Super Angels and both Tier 1 and Tier 2 VC’s. We know the type and size of cheques they write and the sort of businesses they like to invest in. Our job will be to match your reinvigorated deck and financial model to the right Investors.

We’ll get you in the best shape possible to be successful here and make all the right introductions. It’ll then be over to you to win the investors over. Oh and invariably we’ll want to invest ourselves.

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Pricing & Packages

Full Service

£10,000 (Single payment)

  • Review of Vision & Strategy
  • Visualisation of the Pain statement
  • Proposition refinement
  • Mapping of Horizons
  • Market Sizing
  • Creating the narrative
  • Producing the financial model that supports the narrative
  • Deck creation
  • Deck hacking with friendly VCs
  • Market mapping of VCs
  • VC introductions

Mentored Service

£3,000 for 3 months

This is typically suitable for Pre Series A businesses with circa £300k ARR covering the areas of the Full Service but through Mentoring and Coaching.

"It’s like having 100 years of plug and play experience at your fingertips – I’m so pleased we have these guys on my side."

Shaun O’Mahoney, Founder, Xapien

Why Vencha?

From our unique, persona-centric approach, to our commitment to drilling down to the root cause of your growth challenges, we’re not just consultants. We’re your partners in recalibrating growth.

Reinforce your senior team with Vencha, where your growth aspirations transform into tangible results.

Unlock your potential. Realign strategies. Refocus energies. Reignite unmatched growth. Choose Vencha.

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